Pure Balance

Gluten-Free Non GMO Vegan Made in USA
No Synthetic Color or Fillers
Formula 168 Pure Balance

Discover the Power of Pure Balance & Integrate it Into Your Daily Routine for a Healthier, More Balanced You.

For too many, anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelming fatigue are a way of life. Instead of turning to chemicals, Formula168’s “Pure Balance” Dietary Supplement can bring a more positive mindset naturally, and without all of the harsh chemicals.

This unique, mixture of ancient herbs, and cutting-edge natural complex compounds have been shown to balance mood, boost energy and enhance sexual performance for both women and men.

Western-style advanced product development science works in harmony with tried-and-true, centuries old Eastern medicinal know how in this best in class combination of ingredients to create a good for you supplement that actually works.

The horney goat weed extract, Ashwagandha, Avena Sativa, Maca Root, and Suma Root packed into every capsule combine the best of centuries of Chinese medicine with carefully calibrated product development, 100% made in the USA.