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About Formula168 

Formula168 is a point of superstition in health and success. As a family and a team, we believe that you will your luck and fortune. That's why we chose the name Formula168. The number 168 is rooted in Chinese numerology that symbolizes a "path to prosperity." Primarily, we're focused on combining western and eastern medicine as a global approach to wellness.


GMP stands for “good manufacturing practices and consists of a set of standards and guidelines which provide minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to assure that their products are consistently high in quality, from batch to batch, for their intended use. Trust in the manufacturer and the quality of the product were the two priorities Formula168 focused on when trying to find a manufacturing operation we could trust our products.


Over the years our family has been focused on staying healthy, especially when it comes to the foods we eat or the supplements and vitamins we take. We have always looked for ways to live a healthier active lifestyle while at home, work, or traveling; not just for physical performance but also mental and emotional well-being.