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Plain and simple, there are 168 hours in a week. The average individual spends 40 at work and 56 sleeping. That leaves 72 hours left over. Where does it all go? Our mentality here at Formula168 is very black and white; you can choose to feel sore or more knowledgeable tomorrow or you can choose to feel sorry for yourself. 

As consumers and developers of supplements, we have always been interested in ingredients that brings us to the next level in all aspects of life. If you are looking to get fitter, we choose Atomic Energy. However, often hitting the gym to look the best of your abilities can cause acne at times. So we formulated Elemental Beauty to counteract the effort you put into the gym and become the most vibrant self. However, in order to afford the gym, we need our job and in order to keep our jobs, we take Quantum Focus to kill it at work and read on downtime to construct a brain that is meant to do better than the average. After all this gym and work time, we need a bit of a stress relief, so we decided to design a stress-relief supplement, Pure Balance just to keep the edge up and off at the same time. 


Ginkgo BilobaAs a health-conscious organization, we primarily focus on combining western and eastern medicine as a global approach to wellness. We began our company to extend support locally to those who wanted an easier and healthier approach to supplements. We are a family owned and operated business that manufactures all of our products in the United States.


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GMP stands for “good manufacturing practices and consists of a set of standards and guidelines which provide minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to assure that their products are consistently high in quality, from batch to batch, for their intended use. Trust in the manufacturer and the quality of the product were the two priorities Formula168 focused on when trying to find a manufacturing operation we could trust our products.

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Our products naturally enhance your body and mind with a synergistic blend of scientifically cultured nutrition and ingredients that our bodies require for extended health and optimal performance. Our formulas have been expertly calibrated for a daily dosage intake that acts as a multivitamin and as a supplemental addition to a healthy lifestyle. We believe that once you try our products you will feel positive changes in mental acuity and energy, and you will have the confidence to add our products to your daily health regimen.


Over the years our family has been focused on staying healthy, especially when it comes to the foods we eat or the supplements and vitamins we take. We have always looked for ways to live a healthier active lifestyle while at home, work, or traveling; not just for physical performance but also mental and emotional well-being.Healthy Supplements

Our subject matter expertise is rooted in our family owned and operated pharmacies. As our primary business is pharmaceutical products, we were able to develop insights into the various products customers wanted access to in the supplement industry. Fair priced quality ingredients from a brand that can be trusted.