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Alkaline Water - pH 8.0 - Hydro+

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Get hydration and detoxification fast from Formula168 Hydro+ Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water. With a very high 8.0+pH factor and all natural electrolytes, it can hydrate you quickly, so that the effects of dehydration never set in. When you’re busy all day at work or with the family, it can be difficult to get all of the hydration you need. The negative effects of dehydration are numerous: constipation, urinary tract infections, premature aging and digestive problems in men and women. Beyond just hydrating you, this natural alkaline spring water has many other positive benefits. Less acidic than regular water, this alkaline mineral water also has a higher pH than water from the tap. The benefits of drinking natural alkaline mineral spring water have been well documented. You’ll think more clearly, help your heart and benefit from improve muscle contraction due to the natural electrolytes. To make sure this water is as pure as possible, it’s bottled right at the source: Polar, Wisconsin. No municipal water sources are involved whatsoever. Instead of that annoying aftertaste of chlorine that comes from other bottled waters, Hydro+ has a clean, crisp taste and feel. With no carbs, cholesterol, calories, additives, flavoring or artificial ingredients, Hydro+ truly is the next step forward in water. Perfect for recovering after a tough workout, you won’t even have to add any kind of powder flavoring to it. Take your water to another level with Hydro+.

About the product

HYDRATE COMPLETELY: Regulate and maintain muscle and nerve function with this natural alkaline mineral spring water. Detoxify and experience pure hydration with the natural electrolytes and 8.0+pH factor.

SUPER 8.0+ pH FACTOR: Your body will quickly absorb all the minerals it needs to perform with Hydro+. That’s due to the 8.0+pH factor, one of the absolute highest possible.

ALL NATURAL ELECTROLYTES: Get all the electrolytes your body craves, naturally. While you’ll find electrolytes in this water, you won’t find flavoring, calories, carbs, cholesterol, additives or other artificial ingredients.

PURE WATER: Instead of getting it from municipal water supplies, Hydro+ is bottled right at the source: the north woods of Polar, WI.

PURITY TESTED, PURITY PROVED: Purified by reverse osmosis, this water is tested continually to make sure that it lives up to the highest standards of purity. Additionally, it’s micron-filtered and UV-treated as well, for an even better product.