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Surge Energy Shot

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“Surge” is the only proper name for this energy drink from Formula168. It’s a one of kind blast of vitamins, amino acids, and herbs. Ignite all the energy you need for an all-nighter at the office, cramming for the big test, or the night on the town that you never want to end. Leave the high sugar and caffeine to other energy drinks. Surge was designed by experts to give you all the natural, organic energy you could ever want without any crashing or jitters. Surge’s power comes from amino acids, vitamins, rare herbs, antioxidants and organic green coffee bean extract. You can take all of those top-notch nutritious ingredients with you everywhere you go. Get to a higher level of energy with. The ingredients of L-carnitine L-tartrate, L-theanine, and wild Reishi mushroom extract working in simple, perfect harmony. Ancient Chinese herbalists used wild Reishi mushroom extract for centuries to make their immune systems better, now you can do the same. For even more energy, the antioxidants and amino acids burn your stored fats for a steady vitality that lasts. You can drink Surge for that late night energy boost, and it still won’t prevent you from having a restful night. Don’t get tired or wired: get a steady energy all day and night with Formula168’s Surge.

IT’S CALLED “SURGE” FOR A REASON: Take your energy levels beyond where you thought they could go. With very small amounts of sugar and caffeine, the vitamins, herbs, amino acids, antioxidants and organic green coffee extract give you the power.

ENERGIZE THE BODY AND MIND: You don’t have to wait to boost your durability, power and focus. This tasty blueberry energy shot works in a hurry. Get all the energy you want from the moment you wake up, in the mid-afternoon doldrums, or any other time.

STEADY ENERGY, NO SHAKES: Organic, natural energy that never leads to a crash – that’s Surge. Leave the jittery feeling to a lesser energy shot booster.

BURN AWAY FAT: Incinerate the fatty acids in your body for even more energy. Powerful L-carnitine L-tartrate and L-theanine compounds put long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of your muscle cells to make your body a fat-burning blast furnace.

REPLENISH AND ENERGIZE: When you detoxify your body, you can get even more results out of your workout. The wild Reishi mushrooms, herbs and B vitamins, when you drink them before your workout, can supercharge your body.