Yohimbine Bark - Stimulates the central nervous system and the fat loss process

Yohimbine, a naturally occurring alkaloid, is a bitter-tasting compound, which is extracted from several types of native plants in Africa to cause different reactions in human body. It can be used for clinical purpose in two different forms. First, Yohimbine bark extract contains a small amount of yohimbine in its powdered form. Second, Yohimbine in its pure form is extracted from a natural resource and combined with hydrochloric acid. Regardless of the source and supplement, Yohimbine stimulates the central nervous system and triggers the “fight or flight” response in body through adrenaline. Consequently, Catecholamine, which are a kind of chemicals, are released into blood stream and causes raise in body temperature and blood pressure. Fat burning process is initiated when adrenaline and other companion hormones released by Yohimbine act on fatty tissues.

Several research and clinical studies has shown that yohimbine use is a fast and legitimate fat loss strategy. Apart from that, it is a mild stimulant and can suppress appetite to a certain degree. Besides, research has shown that the chemical properties of yohimbine reduces the fat mass from lower abs, thighs, and hips only and does not affect the lean mass which is significant for optimizing body composition. In addition, it also augments exercise performance by resisting physical fatigue and making more burning of fats through exercise possible. Also, it has been found out that naturally yohimbine, can erectile dysfunction in men.

A study conducted in 2002 in Germany found out that it helps in relieving the erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is basically an alpha-blocker. It increases the release of adrenaline and other chemicals certain chemical, which dilate the pupils of the eye. It also dilates and increases the width of blood vessels and augments blood flow in the penis, which helps to recover normal erection in males. Other sexual problems, especially those caused by depression medications, such as selective-serotonin are removed by yohimbine in both men and women. Moreover, it is commonly employed for improvement in athletic performance, reduction of exhaustion, weight loss as mentioned earlier, rise and fall of blood pressure, depression, anxiety and diabetic nerve pain.



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