Why Brain Supplements Are On The Rise

Brain function; a hot topic that has been on everyone’s minds lately. Everybody has a basic daily routine, but some may not be aware of what they’re lacking in order to live their most productive life. Coffee can be a quick fix, but it often leads to a bit of anxiety and then a crash. However, new technologies have given us access to the vitamins and nutrients which can bring our thinking to an optimal level. Numerous supplements circulate the market, and while they look enticing they may not be delivering everything you need. Formula168 has implemented advanced research into the ingredients of Quantum Focus, a brain supplements. Through a mixture of B Vitamins, extracts, and other natural herbs such as Ginkgo biloba, L theanine, and Huperzine A are compiled a daily supplement meant to boost your cognitive function. Our formula is unique because it incorporates herbs that have powerful and positive effects on the body.

Pairing These Supplements with Cognition Boosting Foods

Ginkgo Biloba SupplementsWhile the use of our brain supplements may be a beneficial addition to your diet, don’t forget supplements are not cure-alls. Foods like fish, berries, turmeric, and broccoli are known to be anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. On a molecular level, these foods bring compounds such as omega 3 fatty acids, anthocyanins, and curcumin, all of which help to fight neurodegenerative diseases. In tandem with the Quantum Focus supplements, incorporating foods such as these will give your body and your mind the clarity necessary to live each day to the best of your ability.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

It doesn’t stop at food, though. In order for your body to reap the benefits of the brain supplements and healthy eating, exercise should always be a part of your day. Getting your blood pumping cleans your system and helps to carry oxygen throughout the body. That, and you will better absorb the nutrients from our supplements and your healthy diet. Through all these things your mind and your body will be functioning better than ever.  

Formula168 Makes it Easy to Stay Healthy

Have questions? Feel free to contact us by calling (855) 981-6888 or emailing us at Our experts are always ready and willing to talk supplements as it’s our passion to deliver the best of the best to the world. Healthy living takes commitment, but it begins by giving your body exactly what it needs. Through Quantum Focus you will be giving your brain exactly what it needs in order to function at a heightened level.