Why Biotin for Hair Growth

Longer, fuller hair has been a dream of millions of people throughout time. In the past, our ancestors went to extravagant lengths to try to have quality hair. Today, it’s a lot easier. You can simply get Biotin for hair growth. It’s one of the many powerful ingredients in our “Elemental Beauty” supplement products. The way the Biotin works with the vitamin C makes your cuticles that much stronger as well. You’ll have better hair, skin and nails.

Biotin for Hair Growth: An Improvement

We know the name “Hippocrates” from ancient Greece for good reason. According to an article by Famous Scientists, “Hippocrates is regarded as the father of Western medicine”. Born around 460 B.C., we get the name “Hippocratic Oath” from him. However, he dealt with male pattern baldness, as so many millions of men do. Of course, at the time they didn’t have Biotin for hair growth. In History.com, an article about baldness cures stated, “he prescribed himself and fellow chrome domes a topical concoction of horseradish, pigeon scat, spices and opium”.  As you might imagine, this was quite potent for all of the wrong reasons. Unfortunately (yet, perhaps for the best) it didn’t help make hair grow. Truthfully (and there’s no research on this) it seems like consuming that over time might cause someone’s hair to fall out.

Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin > Laurels

Julius Caesar, despite being essentially the emperor of the world, didn’t have Biotin for hair growth either when his hair started to go. Being Julius Caesar, he did have access to all of the best treatments, methods, and more that were known at the time. The story is that what he tried didn’t work, hence the pictures we’re so familiar with today of him wearing laurels on his head. According to an article written by BBC, the legend is that Cleopatra, “she lovingly recommended a home remedy of ground-up mice, horse teeth and bear grease” and rubbed on his head. By comparison, the laurels are much, much better.

Egyptian Methods of Hair Growth

The ancient Egyptians, if the hieroglyphs are to be trusted, had incredible hair. Of course, many people start to lose their hair as they age. The Egyptians discovered and invented so many things, but Biotin for hair growth did not come from them. But, they did try various hair growth methods that did not work. One particularly famous one started with boiling porcupine hair in a pot of water. Then, once that was good and boiled, you would put it on your scalp, and leave it there for four days. As complicated as our beauty and exercise regimens can seem today, it appears they were much more difficult (with much less results) then.

Best Hair Options Today
Fortunately, you don’t have to rub ground up mice or porcupine hair onto your scalp for hair growth. Nor do you have to make sure you’ve properly stirred the opium and pigeon droppings. Today, you can get beauty supplements that are easy to take whenever you want. “Elemental Beauty” can help you to have great looking skin, as well as hair and nails. To find out more about these supplements as well as any of our others, give us a call at (855) 981-6888 or head to our site.