What's makes a supplement trustworthy?

The supplement industry for years has experienced a vast amount of scrutiny from the nation as a whole and from the big brother industry, pharmaceuticals. Even today there are companies out there on the market that create bogus products with fantastic marketing. So today, we are going to hop in the driver's seat and put you as the shotgun passenger as we explain how to distinctly understand what products are worth purchasing and which aren't. 

Let's start with what isn't a great product. First off and most importantly is where is the product manufactured. Is this a product imported from China, Mexico or India? Because the laws and health standards of those countries are unfortunately different from ours. So it's critical to take a solid look at a supplement products manufacturer and if they are based in the USA or not. 

Secondly, you don't want to just make sure that the product is manufactured in the US but also manufactured in a facility that cGMP certified and NSF certified. These certifications allow you as a consumer to know that what you are receiving and ingesting on a day to day basis in created and packed in a health conscious environment and setting. Employees are using plastic gloves and a face mask to minimize the amount of bacteria transferred from a human (naturally) to the final product. 

Finally, it is vital to check the final details, the ingredients and their measurements. There are many companies out there that are purchased everyday that do not contain exact measurements of ingredients within their supplements. For example, they use that slap of a sticker term "proprietary blend". What does that even mean?

Basically, it means that they disclose what ingredients are placed into the tablet, pill or capsule but not the exact measurements. This can be a huge downfall for a customer because what if they, for a lack of better terms, overdose on an ingredient and get sick or nauseated? It is understandable as a brand to want to place that on the labor in fear of competition coming in and stealing your formula. But, you know what? The best brands do disclose this information and retain their customer base because they trust this brand. 

Overall, it is your health we are talking about here not a piece of a equipment you toss in the trash after it's worn and torn. You want to take a deep look at what products you are putting into your body. Here at Formula168, we take a clean dive like the crystal clear water in the Bahamas and display our ingredients for all to see. We care about our customers like we care about ourselves. Give us a go at www.Formula168.com.