What Do Customers Want to Know About Supplements?

Let's be straightforward, supplements are meant to supplement your health in ways that are effective and efficient. There are so many companies out there with amazing marketing and decent products. So I must ask, why is it so difficult to find a product on the shelves or online that delivers what it advertises? The answer is because customers are generally not educated on how to decode the 100+ brands that are presented to them. 

Let's start at the beginning, labels badges and ingredient transparency. Theis is where deciphering is deduced. Once you get past the marketing pieces that provide the idea that a product is "amazing" then with open eyes you may start to understand. I suggest looking at the ingredient lists measurements and the badges on the label. 

Many labels provide the names of the ingredients within their capsules, softgels or tablets but aren't transparent with the amount. It frustrates the crap out of me. Once you find a company that does this then it is a step in the right direction of honest marketing. The the ingredient measurements are identified, it's important to hone in on those badges that are placed on the label.

Badges are the giveaway of the efficacy of the products quality. If they don't contain the basic of a cGMP compliant facility then you are in big trouble. In short, if you have these two basic answers on the products you are ingesting then generally you are in good hands.