What Can’t Green Tea Extract Do?

What Can’t Green Tea Extract Do?

Green tea extract is a powerful substance. It provides a very large number of positive benefits for your body. There’s a reason that when you go to a store, many different items promote how much green tea they have in them. However, to get the most out of the green tea, you have to get it from the right place. Formula168 has carefully designed supplements, many of which use green tea to help their customers get the most health benefit. Formula168 understands the power of green tea, that’s why they use it in both their Quantum Focus and Atomic Energy supplements.

Green Tea Extract for the Brain

When a person first sees green tea extract, it can be hard for them to imagine it does as much for the body as it does. Often, when someone mentions “green tea,” they’re referring to the leaf buds and dry leaves of what’s called the “Camellia sinesis plant.” (As complicated as that name is, it’s easy to see why “green tea” caught on as a name instead). However, what these small buds and leaves can do is improve a person’s mental capacity. Studies have shown that it can make someone more alert aware. By boosting their mind, these dried leaves can help a person better utilize their brain.

Beauty Supplements Have Green Tea, Too

Green tea extract doesn’t just make the brain better; it can make a person’s entire body better. One thing that green tea is often taken for is weight loss. Research has shown that it can help a person to lose a bit more weight than they would have otherwise. Now, that’s not at all to say that green tea is an effective substitute for eating a healthy diet, or maintaining a consistent workout schedule. But, like all supplements, it can truly supplement a person’s healthy life. It can enable a person to get more health benefit and boost out of the life they’re already living.

Energy Supplements and More for Women

Green tea extract has many benefits for men and women, but it has some powerful attributes specifically to offer women. For many years, women have been taking green tea in some form to ward off what’s called “human papillomavirus.” That name is as sinister as it sounds. This can cause all kinds of terrible things to occur, from genital warts all the way up to cervical cancer. By taking supplements that have green tea in them, women can do one more thing to ensure their continued health.

Many Ways to Get Green Tea

Formula168 offers green tea in many of its products, for the simple fact that green tea has so much to offer. In Quantum Focus, the green tea merges with the ingredients that make the user more alert, aware, and awake all day long. In Atomic Energy, the bit of caffeine in green tea helps provide the energy that won’t ever crash. See how it all works by going to the site or calling (855)-981-6888 for more about green tea extract.

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