Suma Root - Helping the mind and body adapt to stress by improving the immune system and more

Suma root is a plant which is sometimes also called Brazilian ginseng. Suma roots are used as ‘adaptogen’ which means that they can help mind and body adapt to stress by improving the immune system. Besides, suma is also used as a treatment for tumors, cancer, diabetes, and male sexual performance. Apart from that, it is used as a tonic to restore body function and employed as an aphrodisiac to intensify sexual arousal. Moreover, suma is sometimes applied directly to the skin to help skin problems and wounds (Suma, 2017). Suma roots contain many essential nutrients of potent levels, such as vitamins A, B, E, and K. Additionally, suma root also contains amino acids, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants, which affords the energizing effects of suma roots. Estradiol-17 beta is a chief estrogen hormone generated in women during reproductive years, and the triggering of this hormone may possibly augment reproductive health and overall fertility (Suma roots, 2011). Research conducted in past supports Suma as a natural application good for triggering estradiol-17 beta, an action that may improve hormone balance (Suma roots, 2011). 

The potent antioxidants and the density of nutrients contained within suma protect skin from the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, which also lowers the obvious signs of aging process. It is also suggested that suma roots can help even after the damage has been already caused (Dr. Edward, 2015). Apart from that, a research study was conducted to see the effect of suma extraction on the dark circles or eye baggage and it was found out that it reduced the dark circles. Also, suma roots help athletes augment the level of testosterone. Apart from that suma roots increases stamina and energy in athletes and players and boost the level of physical and medical endurance. In addition, it balances the different systems of the body and prevents different types of cancer (Dr. Edward, 2015). It has also been suggested that suma roots help in treating the loss of appetite and reduces the level of sugar in diabetic patients. Also, it serves as a natural mineral and vitamin supplement and increases the circulation of blood in human body. Also, it boosts the providence of oxygen to cells and helps in treating impotency (Dr. Edward, 2015).


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