Shilajit - Used in Ayurvedic medicine, to treat multiple diseases and health problems - See what it can do for you

Shilajit has been used since ancient times, especially in Ayurvedic medicine, to treat multiple diseases and health problems. It is a tar-like substance with many elements in the ionic form. Shilajit owes its medicinal properties to the high fulvic acid quantity it contains. It is considered as one of the commonly used health supplement taken as potent acid. Fulvic acid has many evidence-based benefits (Axe, 2017). The practitioners of ancient Ayurvedic medicine have suggested the intake of Shilajit to augment physical body energy and rejuvenation of body. Shilajit achieves this purpose in human body by increasing the function of mitochondria in every cell, which are the powerhouses of human cellular system (Shilajit, 2017). Shilajit improves the oxygenation process of mitochondria efficiently. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a body disorder which has been evidently treated by Shilajit through its mitochondrial augmenting property (Shilajit, 2017). Besides its beneficent effects on human body, Shilajit also works to protect brain cells and sustain the health of brain and mind. Studies have shown that it has a distinct neuroprotective function (Axe, 2017).

In 2013, a study was conducted in Kerman University of Medical Sciences in Iran and it was found out that it counteracts the traumatic brain injury and has positive effects on intracranial pressure, brain edema, and blood-brain barrier permeability (Axe, 2017). Apart from that, Shilajit has good effect on patients suffering from mild cases of Alzheimer’s disease and exhibits anti-epileptic and anti-psychotic properties in mental patients (Axe, 2017).  In addition, it regulates human body hormones and immune system as research has suggested (Dr. Edward), 2015). Especially, it affects the reproductive hormones and augments the production of sperms (Dr. Edward, 2015). In pilot studies, Shilajit was found as a possible cure for infertility (Axe, 2017). Among Ayurvedic practitioners, it is supposed to reduce and alleviate extreme pain because it acts as a sedating agent especially in mouth and jaws (Axe, 2017). In a supplement D-400 (Diabecon or GluoCare), Shilajit is present as the main ingredient. It reduces the increase of glucose levels in blood and affects the repair of pancreas in diabetes (Shilajit, 2017).



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