Reishi Mushroom Supplement – A “Sack” Full

“Mean” Joe Greene. Bob Lilly. Dick Butkus. Jack Ham. Some of the greatest players to ever step onto a defensive front in the NFL. Trivia question: how many sacks do they have? It can be difficult to find the answer, because the NFL didn’t treat a “sack” (a play where the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage before they can throw the ball) as a stat until 1982. Each of these hall of fame players ended their careers (or played the majority of their careers) before the stat. Advancements occur all the time, like our Reishi mushroom supplement. To be clear, the Reishi in our Atomic Energy is called by its original name, “Wild Lingzhi Spore Extract.” But, when you consume it,  you’ll get all the benefits of Reishi.

Reishi Mushroom Supplement Advancements

That doesn’t make those players any less great. Almost all of them would be just as great today (particularly Joe Greene), it’s just that the statistic for keeping track of sacks hadn’t been invented yet. As new inventions were made, the past was built upon for something new. That’s how we treat our supplement products. For example, our “Atomic Energy” supplement has Reishi mushroom in it. To make it better, we use the best, most current technology in our Reishi mushroom products.

Reishi Mushroom Supplement

What Reishi Mushroom Extract Is

Each of the games that we follow have changed. For example, many of the NFL players are bigger and stronger than they ever were before. That’s because there’s a true focus on making sure that you’re healthy now, that you live a healthy lifestyle and workout. Sure, players in the 70’s and earlier lifted weights, but it wasn’t the same as it was now. You didn’t have an equivalent to James Harrison posting his several hours’ long workout to Instagram everyday or so. As the game evolved, so did the players’ workout. The same can go for your life with a supplement that has Reishi mushroom.

Power of Reishi Mushroom

As football became a bigger and bigger deal, each player needed all the edge they could get. Some turned to steroids and the like (which were banned in the early 80s) while others truly focused on working out and staying in shape. The latter won out, and now every player at every level of football (usually starting in high school but sometimes even earlier) has a comprehensive workout and diet plan. They need to stay in shape to stay competitive. We made our Atomic Energy supplements for them (containing Reishi mushroom supplement) as well as anyone else who needs an edge.

Your Energy Supplements

Professional football players aren’t the only people who need an advantage. The regular person who’s just trying to get through a workday can use an edge, too. When you have to get through several hours of work as well as a presentation, followed by a big date that night – you’re going to need energy. You’re going to need all of the clear, focused energy that comes from the Reishi mushroom in our Atomic Energy supplement. That can give you the edge in every facet of your life. Better still, it will do that in a way that won’t make you shake, or cause you that anxiety that too much caffeine can do.

When you take our Atomic Energy, you’re getting so much more than just Reishi mushroom. You’ll also get the extreme energy boost that comes from Ginkgo Biloba as well as the fat burning that comes from green tea extract and green coffee bean. On top of that, you’ll get all that energy without any of that negative “crash” or the “shakes” that come from drinking so much coffee. Feel focused and driven all day long with our supplements. You can learn more by calling us at (855) 981-6888 or going to our site.