Maca Root for Everyone

In our modern era, you can walk into a store and get Maca root. It’s easier than ever: all you have to do is buy one of the many supplements that include this incredible ingredient. However, it didn’t always used to be like that. In fact, in the past, you had to do essentially impossible things to get this root. Even then, you had to be in the right place in the world to get it. Now, you can get this root no matter where you are in a matter of days.

Maca Root Location

To find Maca root, it isn’t easy. In fact, Herbs America stated Maca root “originates in the high Andes mountains and is today primarily grown in Peru and Bolivia”. Maca is cultivated anywhere between 11,000 and 14,500 feet. That’s between two and three miles up in the air. As you might imagine, it’s incredibly cold there. So, Maca had to survive. Among native cultivated species, it has one of the highest frost tolerances you’ll find anywhere. That means that it can survive in some of the least hospitable environments. Now, imagine what those hardy ingredients can do for your body.

Maca Root

Easy to Get Energy Supplements Today

It’s pretty great that today, you don’t have to climb on top of one of the world’s highest mountain chains to get Maca root. The Inca Indians cultivated it roughly two thousand years ago. Imagine what it must’ve been like to farm that root in an area with that kind of rocky terrain, with those type of winds, all while dealing with the fluctuation between the sunlight’s intensity and the cold’s bitter sting. Of course, today, if you want to get Maca, you just have to give us a call. Or alternately, you could click on a link at our website.

Why the Incans Took the Root

There were many reasons that the Inca recommended taking Maca root. In many cases, they’re the same reasons that we recommend it to people today. Furthermore, WebMD acknowledged, “(maca) restores hormonal imbalance and related sexual desire and fertility in both men and women”. As you might imagine, that’s not the end of what it can do for you. This root can do quite a bit to boost your energy, too. So, many people take it to deal with fatigue, or even chronic fatigue syndrome. Maca itself also has vitamins E, C, and B, which means that it can increase your overall health quite a bit, too.

“Peruvian Ginseng”

Ever since it was originally cultivated by the Incans, people have known that Maca can help. In fact, sometimes it’s referred to as “Peruvian ginseng.” That is odd, of course, as it’s not in the same scientific family as ginseng. It’s just that it has so many energy boosting capabilities that people naturally associate it with ginseng. Today, we put Maca in our supplement as one more way to make them healthier and more effective for our customers. To learn more, give us a call at (855) 981-6888 or head to our site.