Korean Red Ginseng - A Traditional Chinese medicine with a vast amounts of health benefits

Korean red ginseng is advised for improved alertness in sexual behavior and could possibly cure erectile dysfunction (Ellis., Jewell, n.d.). It can also help in the prevention of cold and reduce the excessive increase in heart disease symptoms. Korean red ginseng is a plant that is generally grown in Asia. It’s others famous names are Chinese ginseng, Asian ginseng, or panax ginseng. However, there is the difference between Korean red ginseng and Siberian and American ginseng and they should not be confused. The latter are different plants that are employed for other needs.

Korean red ginseng has been employed in traditional Chinese medicine for various purposes across the centuries in the past. The roots of ginseng resemble in its forms the human body and have shoots instead of legs and arms. This resemblance led the early herbalists to believe that it was an overall body remedy and only the modern research and experiments are proving the ancient claims and beliefs of herbalists true (Rosick, 2017). Generally, it has been used as an overall medical supplement; however, it has some specific benefits, which are listed below.  First, it helps a lot in boosting the immune system. Second, it improves the health of the heart and widens the width of veins for uninterrupted flow of blood (Korean Ginseng, 2017). Third, it comes helpful in treating the patients with diabetes. Fourth, it is also employed for augmenting the body energy and increasing work capacity. Finally, it works as an antidote against mind stress and treats issues related to impotence and erectile dysfunction (Rosick, 2017).

The ginseng root is utilized as a natural medicine in supplement form. It is necessary that the plant has grown for five years before its roots can be used. It suggests that the highest quality of ginseng will command a very high price, owing to the age of the plant. Generally, the dried and natural root of this plant is called white ginseng and the root that has been steamed and then dried is known as red ginseng. Ginseng can be bought in stores in the form of liquid, capsules, and powder. The dried root of ginseng can be bought also and boiled in tea for effective intake (Korean Ginseng, 2017).  References

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