Energy Supplement – Then and Now

Energy Supplement – Then and Now

Energy Supplement

The phrase “energy supplement” can mean different things to different people. Here at Formula168, it means one of our products that’s specifically made to give you more energy as you go about your day. In the past, however, it could have meant something very different in the world of sports. For example, Kenny “The Snake” Stabler, legendary Oakland Raiders quarterback had two refrigerators filled with beer before games. He would often play hungover or even half-drunk. The most amazing part about all of this is how well he played.

Energy Supplement Evolution

Energy supplement products have advanced along with emerging technology. People understand now, more than ever, exactly what it means to have a health product that gives you lots of good, clean energy. Nowadays, we understand what it means to have energy that doesn’t leave you jittery or unfocused. Energy products have come so far, it’s hard not to wonder what it might have been like had they existed in the past. If Kenny Stabler were a hall of fame hungover, what might he have been with our modern advancements in diet, exercise and supplements?

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Many people take our Atomic Energy supplement products either right before or during their workout. It can give them that extra boost to take their body a bit farther than they had previously thought. Present day supplements reach further in efficacy and effectiveness than ever before. Bobby Layne, probably still the greatest quarterback in Detroit Lion history, would actually sneak alcohol into the stadium and drink during halftime. He was also a hall of famer, and one of the great players. It’s remarkable to think about how far our understanding of health has come.

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Indeed, one of the main reasons that energy supplement products are so prevalent now in sports and life is that everyone is looking for that edge. Even if you were the greatest athlete, if you’re consuming alcohol before the game and your opponent is ingesting some kind of healthy supplement, you’re eventually going to lose. These stories of players playing inebriated and otherwise “messed up” seem shocking and bizarre to us now, with our 20/20 hindsight. However, it’s also possible that future generations will look at us in a similar way.

Energy Supplement

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Consider: how many of us drink coffee before we go work out or go to work. Sure, the caffeine can give you a blast of energy, but eventually, that’s going to fade. You’re likely to have that mid-afternoon crash. You could have the awful feeling of jitters or shakes that always seems to come with coffee. On top of that, you might even find it hard to go to sleep at night, no matter how tired you are. It’s entirely possible that decades from now, people will find it just as strange that we drank coffee as we find Bobby Layne drinking at the halftime of the NFL Championship Game. Our Atomic Energy supplement, however, uses cutting edge technology so that it gives you a focused energy you can control that will also make it easy for you to go to sleep at night.

Maybe alcohol gave Bobby Layne a quick burst of energy, but you know that must’ve faded. With Atomic Energy, you won’t have to worry about an instant drop off in energy right in the middle of the day. You won’t feel that awful, sluggish feeling where you feel like you have to take a nap in the afternoon but there’s physically no way that you’ll be able to. To find out more about how our supplement products can improve your busy day, head to our website or give us a call at (855)981-6888.


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