Do Supplements Treat, Cure or Prevent Diseases and Ailments?

Woah woah woah. Now you're crossing a line. There is something vital to understand here about the supplement industry. This industry does not contain hard-tested FDA Approved pharmaceutical products. They thrive off the hype of new tech ingredients that are touted to have a laundry list of benefits that will aid anything and everything.

Recently, the FDA has been cracking down on companies making claims of their supplements treating alzheimer's disease. For example, the FDA released a statement in February this year stating, "Supplements, however, aren’t regulated like medicines and other products taken to improve health. The FDA doesn’t review whether a supplement works and is safe, as it does with prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. Supplement manufacturers and distributors are subsequently responsible for ensuring the safety of their products. In recent years doctors and public-health professionals have raised concerned over the limited oversight, triggering government probes."

As a consumer who purchases a product and ingests it into their body, please understand the illegal claims many of these companies are making. Especially, if you experience affects of a disease and have hopes of a product making a difference. I feel for those individuals who are taken advantage of because they are looking for an answer. Make sure to understand how they work, what is in them and how transparent their labels are. Without transparency, you never really know what you are placing into your body. 

Checkout our website with honest benefits and transparent labels. We want to help you understand what you are inputting into your bodies and minds. Be safe and smart with your products and don't break your wallet looking for help!


Fda Challenges Supplement Makers' Marketing Claims

Jared Hopkins -