DHEA - A must have for body-builders - Associated with lean muscle mass, longevity, and a strong body

DHEA and its supplements are commonly associated with body-builders because DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a prohormone that is associated with lean muscle mass, longevity, and strong body (Axe, 2017). The fact is that human body creates DHEA itself, as it is a significant hormone, which plays its role in about 150 metabolic functions. In the body, adrenal glands are the main producers of natural DHEA. Besides, men produce them in their testicles too. Once produced, it is transformed through chemical processes into other hormones, such as sex hormones and androstenedione; that is why it is famously called the parent hormone of the human body (DHEA Medline Plus, n.d.).

DHEA also performs the work of a natural anabolic steroid as it augments the production of natural growth hormones, which specifically helps in building lean muscles and fights fat accumulation. Apart from that, DHEA improves heart health, bone density, counteracts cholesterol level, resists fatigue, and increases the production of sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone (DHEA Supplements, 2017). Usually, after the age of 30, DHEA level in human body declines and adults start attaining excessive weight, lowered libido, sluggishness and so on. With passing years, the DHEA production in the human body declines gradually until at the age of 75 only 20 percent of DHEA is produced as compared to youth.

Inflammation, which is considered one of the root causes of many diseases, is related to the human aging phenomenon. DHEA can be restored through certain life habits as well as through the utilization of certain supplements. DHEA manages to lower inflammation level in human body and balances hormone production and facilitate vitality and lean body mass (DHEA Supplements, 2017). DHEA specifically boosts the performance of sexual hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. It also helps in prevention of depression and augments the overall quality of one’s bodily and mental life. Studies have shown that problems related to metabolic syndromes, such as obesity, high-level cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure are affected by one’s DHEA level (Axe, 2017). Research studies have found out that DHEA supplements can aid in improving the performance of body and brain, remove fatigue and pain, and resist skin problems, and inflammation (DHEA Supplements, 2017). DHEA is a commonly available supplement.



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