A Mood Enhancer that Works for You

mood enhancer supplement

As humans, we constantly battle anxieties. When walking down the street every person you pass has something “on their mind.” Whether it be work, a romantic relationship, car troubles, family issues; there is a disruption in every person’s life. Obstacles are unavoidable, especially as you age. Responsibilities build up, relationships may break down or become stronger, and multiple circumstances force you to “deal.” Just remember, though, you are not dealing alone. There are ways to help you easily handle the tribulations that may come your way. First and foremost, leading a healthy lifestyle makes an impact on your mood and thought process. Everything that you put in your body shows through both your skin and can shape your perspective on life. By incorporating a vitamin-rich diet and advanced supplements, your actions and reactions can be adjusted for the better. Formula168 has constructed a mood enhancer supplement that can be taken daily. If you find you are struggling to maintain balance, our Pure Balance product is right for you.

Pure Balance and What it Offers

mood enhancer supplementPure Balance has the perfect mixture of plant based stimulants and adaptogens. Our formula includes natural stimulants such as horny goat weed, maca root, and shilajit, among others. However, what makes this supplement different is these ingredients are paired with B Vitamins, Vitamin E, and ashwagandha. Adaptogens such as Ashwagandha help to calm and cope with stressors. Through this conglomeration, we provide you the ultimate mood enhancer supplement. Notice how caffeine is avoided, as it is commonly used as a “booster” but we cannot deny it often leads to a “crash.” Our formula is meant to sustain a consistent, healthy perspective, not a temporary one. When paired with foods low in sugars, Pure Balance can work to its fullest. Coconut oil, leafy greens, eggs, camomile tea, and bone broth bring great calming qualities to your diet. The Benefits of Evening Meditation On top of reworking your diet to fight anxieties, don’t forget to step away to regularly check in with yourself. Some like to call it meditation, others call it “me time”, but we call it finding balance. Therapy comes in many different forms, whether it’s one-on-one time with a professional, or journaling, spa days, or even exercise. Everyone mends in their own ways, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. Involving daily “therapy” along with mood enhancer supplements can improve your day drastically.

Formula168 Will Make a Plan With You

Balance is our middle name, as we keep it present in our belief system and our mantra. Contact us by calling (855) 981-6888 and we can help you compile a plan to establish balance through a mood enhancer supplement along with a calming diet and modes of therapy. Everyone has the capacity to find ways to maintain balance, and our supplements will aid in that process.